Additional conditions Foundation "Integrated Techniques Education".


These additional conditions are connected to and are inseparable from the general terms and conditions of Integrated Techniques Education, hereinafter to be called “ the Foundation ”.

Article 1: Admission Policy.

The admission policy regarding the participation in the courses of the Foundation has been concluded as follows as per 1st of January 2014:

Article 2: Registration.

The student has:

  1. Completed a legally recognized bachelors degree or an equivalent training such at the discretion of the Foundation.

  2. Practical experience in working with patients/ clients.

  3. Basic medical knowledge (anatomy, physiology, pathology) on a Higher Vocational Education level or studying for it.

  4. Affiliated with a professional association.

  5. A professional indemnity insurance.

If you do not (fully) meet the criteria above and still want to participate in the training then we look forward to receive your written motivation, accompanied by your CV and copies of your diplomas. Based on this we’ll give you notice if and when participating the entrance test is possible.

Article 3: Cancellation.

3.1 After payment the statutory cooling-off period of seven working days will start. Within this period the student may choose not to participate provided that the course has not yet started. No refund will take place if the course has already started. If student, after payment and after the cooling-off period, opts not to participate in the course the following cancellation rules will apply:

  1. Cancellations must be submitted in writing or by E-mail to the Foundation.

  2. The date of the postmark on the letter and/or date/time of sending the E-mail concerning the cancellationis binding.

  3. Cancellation of your registration for a course is free of costs until three weeks before the course starts.

  4. In case of cancellation between three weeks and one week before the start of a course, the student isdue 50% of the course fee to the Foundation.

  5. If a cancellation takes place within one week before the start of a course or if the student drops outduring the course, the student is due the course fee in full to the Foundation.

  6. If student, due to a serious illness, is prevented to attend the course, then student can, notwithstandingthe above and after handing over a, by the GP General Practitioner, signed and stamped proof of illness, get a refund of the course fee, minus ₤ 50,- (Fifty pounds) administration costs, costs for catering and/or any other costs made in advance by the Foundation.

  7. In all other special circumstances and/or situations the Foundation will decide on a possible settlement.

3.2 If the course, due to illness of the teachers, insufficient registrations or any other, not by the Foundation induced reasons must be cancelled on short notice, student is only entitled to receive full refund for the course fee already paid. Any other costs, like lodging, travel and cancellation of patients cannot be claimed to the Foundation.

Article 4: Payment and course locations.

4.1 The course fee in full must be paid to the Foundation one month prior to the start of the course.

4.2 Students cannot trade their registration amongst themselves without prior permission from the Foundation or the leading instructor at that very moment.

4.3 A registration at the course is considered to be confirmed if:

  1. A registration form has been received via the website.

  2. Fulfilled the admission criteria for that course as specified under point 2 of these additional conditions.

  3. Student received a written course reservation from the Foundation.

Article 5: Stay and liability.

5.1 The Foundation is holding a file of each student in which, beside the personal information, a record is kept about the study progress. All the data in this file as well as the oral and/or written exchange of information is subject to the data protection rules.

5.2 The Foundation reserves the right to evaluate the progress of the student during or after each course and, if deemed necessary, to exclude, whether or not on a temporary basis, the student from further participation in the course.

5.3 Within the Foundation the general data of the (prospective)student, like name, address, occupation, E-mail address and telephone number are not used other than for internal communication purposes. These data are only provided to stakeholders, like fellow students and teaching staff of the Foundation.

5.4 Students must adhere to the confidentiality of information released before, in, during and after schooling activities of fellow students, teaching staff, volunteers and/or employees of the Foundation. Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct gives the Foundation the right to suspend the non-complying student.

5.5 The student is obliged, after registration, to inform the Foundation about any physical disabilities/ limitations which makes it medically irresponsible to take part in physical exercises and/or activities.

5.6 The student acknowledges that by practising, alone or in groups, the physical exercises and/or activities the risk of personal injuries exists.

5.7 The stay at the institute or in the classrooms is at the students’ own risk. Demonstrations and/or practical exercises which students apply to patients or fellow students are the full and own responsibility of the students. 5.8 Claims for compensation and/or damages, based on whatever lawful reason, of teaching staff and the Foundation are, as long as gross negligence and/or intent are not applicable, excluded. If students, during practical exercises and demonstrations, do harm third parties, then their own liability remains unaffected.

5.9 Use of unauthorised and unaccompanied, within the Foundation, taught methods and experiences are at all times the full responsibility of the student and/or apprentice.

5.10 If student disseminates or announces information which student acquired via the Foundation, then student is doing so for his/ her own responsibility and without the Foundation to be held liable in any way.

Article 6: General.

The website of the Foundation can contain photos which have been taken during the courses.

a. The photos are the property of the Foundation and can at any time be placed/ removed or moved unless there are compelling reasons to remove the photos from the website. In the latter case the photos will be removed from the website within seven working days. Such, however at the discretion of the

b. Student is not allowed to change, publish, transfer, sell, copy, store, show to third parties or use commercially the photos, pictures, texts, advices or other contents of the website of the Foundation.

c. Participation of student in the website of the Foundation will give student no proprietary or any other right, nor any licence to photos, pictures, text, advices or any other content of the website.