Based on the osteopathic views of Dr. Still we are looking for correlations and equilibria as an explanation and working basis.

The basic rule of Dr. Still was; Osteopathy is anatomy, anatomy and anatomy. 

1)   Anatomy is the study of the analysis of the body

2)   If we look at the anatomy from an embryological point of view, we see that everything is originating from three embryological layers. So embryology is the analysis of the anatomy but it is also the anatomy of the anatomy.

3)   When we study the relationships and interactions of the three embryological layers, it is called the science of human ontogeny. The human ontogeny is as well the analysis, or the anatomy, of the embryology, which is again the anatomy of the anatomy. This is, or at least what we think is, what Dr. Still meant with his basic rule osteopathy is anatomy, anatomy and anatomy.

4)   We would like to add that we do not explain everything by using the anatomy, embryology and ontogeny but that embryology and ontogeny are witnesses of our paleontological past. Our presence has arisen in our past and it is precisely here where we would find the evidence of our theories. Palaeontology must give us the anatomical explanation for that what we observe in the ontogenyOsteopathy is in our opinion also anatomy, anatomy, anatomy and anatomy.

5)   We claim that there is a balance between head and torso; a duality. This duality means a similar shape, a balance but also an inverse proportionality. All this, in turn, forms again a unit. There are similarities in the formation of cranium and torso.