In the beginning


In 1987, Frank de Bakker who had worked several years as an employee, started a group practice for physiotherapy.

At the same time Frank also began his training in osteopathy at the IWGS in Antwerp, nowadays better known as the Sutherland College.

In 1992 he successfully completed his training and became one of the first registered osteopaths in the Netherlands.

Despite the fragmentation of osteopathy in different directions, leading to the different basic educations of today, Frank de Bakker is inspired and motivated by Patrick van den Heede. Up till today Patrick van den Heede is considered as a mentor and great role model  by Frank.

The (embryological) thoughts of Patrick van den Heede added to Franks’ passion for ontogeny and palaeontology. A passion which existed already when Frank was still a boy.  

The never ending desire to study and (r)evolve in connection with the embryological publications of professor E. Blechschmidt, led to a new treatment concept and a gradual change in osteopathy.

In 1998 Frank de Bakker started the course Integrated Techniques in Antwerp (Belgium).